CONTENTS: Volume I, Number 1, Winter 1997-98


Edward Byrne

"Duet: Salt Lake Valley"

Joseph Duemer

"The Best Meals of My Life

Laura Jensen

"Moderna Museet"


Halvard Johnson

"Ocean of Rust"

Gwyn McVay

"Somonka" & "Short Walk"

Jared Messinger


John Quintos

"constellations of spring"


Peggy Shumaker

"Hunger on the Wing"

"Black Turnstone"

"All The Mustaches On All The Judases"

David Tammer



Rose Martula



Will Hochman

"Beyond Exception: The Writer's Life"

Bio Notes

woodcuts & linocuts by james cervantes (in a former incarnation)

Ray-o-gram of chambered nautilus by Leilani Wright

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