Halvard Johnson

Elliot admits to Richard that he knows
John Ramsey, the man responsible for his
being in a wheelchair. He offers him the business

card of an attorney he knows and urges him to
file a lawsuit against the cop. Martha and Carol run
into Karen and Gabrielle at Cambridge Place. Brenda

and Holly run off together leaving the teens
alone. When Cynthia starts making fun of Melanie,
she stands up for herself. Meanwhile,

Traci and Carolyn grow closer, talking
about children causing Nancy to consider telling
her friend that Sherry is her daughter. Michaelene

shows Ken the photography award he has just won
and suggests that they go out and celebrate
his success. He's reluctant but finally comes around.

Daryl appeals to Irena and Malcolm to help him put
a halt to Meredith's nuptials before she makes the biggest
mistake of her life. At Westwind, Mark is delighted

when Charlotte asks him to play a crucial role in her
upcoming wedding. Abby explains to Peter her theory
that Evelyn was responsible for the murder of a British

diplomat years ago. Eileen tells Susan that despite
Al's threats she will not stop searching for
the daughter who was stolen from her at birth.

Sylvia becomes teary and upset while discussing
Ina's case with Linda. Diane urges Lisa
to consider all the possible consequences before

she goes looking for a grown child who probably
has no idea that her birth mother even exists.
Richard swears to Nancy he's dead certain that Sharon

still loves him and is only marrying Frank out of
a sense of obligation. Finding Patrick having coffee
at Ed's, Flavia invites him to join her at Virginia's

wedding but he turns her down. Bill makes Dionne
Laurette realize finally that he's been behind all
of her troubles in Palmdale recently and adds

that he's not even close to being done with her.
Randall then demands that Pamela leave town
with him or else Rodney and Pauline will suffer

the consequences from his boss. Jasper finds them
arguing and tries to stop him. Theodora assures him
that she's all right. Gene then stabs Frederick

out of Imogene's sight and again presses April
to come with him. She refuses. Back at the wedding,
Jeff tries to assure his guests that Penelope will be there

for the ceremony. Abner again thanks Malvena for
giving her okay to start dating Hepzibah but Maria
warns him that she doesn't approve of their being

together. On the flight back to Los Santos, Edith tries
to encourage Alexandra not to give up on her
marriage. She pushes her to call Ralph from the plane

but when she does so, there is no answer. As Otto
tells Tyler what he learned in Florence, the phone rings.
He decides not to answer it for fear that it may

be Janet. He then boasts to Travis that there is no way
that he's going to allow Rebecca to take the baby
back to Pamplona. Randall urges him not to blame himself.

Edward realizes that June was the only person who
warned him about Eleanor's "secret." Dawn is
disgusted to see Kirk at her beach house and

orders him to get out. He cries that she must listen
to what he has to say. When she tries to pull him out
the door, he finally shouts that his kissing Rick

was a set-up. Jonathan expresses concern to Sarah
about a man who seems to be stalking him, then is
taken aback when she reveals that Jeanine

is in Stella's employ. Adrienne continues to play
dutiful wife after spending the night with Thomas. Kit
vows to slap Celia with a restraining order after she

accosts him in the park. Later, Albert struggles to
contain his rage when Jackie badmouths Betsy to his
newest employee. Leslie frets about Grace avoiding

breakfast and urges the young woman to take better
care of herself. Greg and Marnie quietly compare
notes on their suspicions about the real reason Tex

is sticking so close to Lorraine. Kathryn bristles when
Mordecai threatens to tell Miriam about the danger
her granddaughter faces from Ivan.

Arlene and Billy have fun together making a surprise
romantic dinner for Josephine and Max. Tim rocks Fran
with the news that he's not interested in having

another child at this time. Lena is outraged when she
finds Joan's pre-natal vitamins. She shows them
to Clark and complains that her parents should have

known to use birth control. When Zach and Amanda
come home and hear Mickey admit that he would use
a condom if he ever had sex, Phil mistakenly assumes

that Deborah and Bart were about to make love. Hurt
that he doesn't believe them, Marianne blurts out that
Sandy is pregnant. After a frantic search around

the castle, Edmund finds Debby passed out in
the garden. After he brings her inside, she comes to
and is very drowsy as she admits that she loves him.