T.B. Rudy
Armistice With Vowel Sounds

That Saxon train wreck of expletives let us betray
Ourselves when neither of us would give way.
Those fist-full words and biting lips, things we say

With our tongues to our teeth, oaths we decree
In a puff and burst, sending volley after volley
Of jagged-edge consonants that cut the heart free.

Mea culpa, and yours too. Neither of us can deny
Berzerking bones of argument, but we’ll both die
Contending with this silence leering like a spy.

Oh schotzie, are we trapped in Germanics? We go
And do this all the time, lock our glottals like there’s no
Tomorrow, blister with the pus of Latinate show.

Please accept these uvulations I’ve written for you.
And those things I said before? none of them were true.
Linguistically flanked, there was nothing I could do.

We always try to alliterate each other, and I don’t know why.