The Salt River Review

Volume 4, Number 3, Fall, 2001


Jed Allen
Night Pages
Little Song of Memory
Stabat Mater

Yermiyahu Ahron Taub
Arrangement Without Sun
Dust into Stars

Catherine Daly
Howrah Bridge: Rabindra Setu

David Starkey
The Northernmost Full-time Symphony Orchestra in the World

Gwyn McVay
Why I Took Her

Halvard Johnson
Store Clerk in a Bookshop & Other Felicities

Terry Savoie
Text & Context
Doctor, Doctor

Walt McDonald
Traveling after Retirement


M.D. Coverley
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Lee Byrd
Lazy Heart of Mine

Henry Shapiro
It All Came Out All Right

Creative Non-Fiction

Jeff Morton
Journey to the City of Light

Reviews & Commentary

Greg Simon
Why I Will Never Write an Epic Poem

Bio Notes
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