The Salt River Review

Volume 5, Number 2, Spring, 2002

Rhoda Janzen
"Lunch without Genius"
Anthony Robinson
"Summer Song"
Muriel Nelson
David Howard

"Private Life"
Pamela Stewart
"white moon" & "Nothing New Under the Gun"
Ian Randall Wilson
"Just Another Night"
Vassilis Zambaras
"Bikini, 1946"
Michael Karl (Ritchie)
"Angels Turn Away Their Faces"
Robert Sward
"Wedding Song"
Janine Kelley
Gaston Baquero
"The River"

David Graham
"Cold Stream Elegies"
Laura Jensen
"The Chameleons"

Creative Non-fiction

Helen Ruggieri
Laraine Herring
"The Transition"


Sylvia Wheeler
"The Wusband and The Werewife"
Dylan Maiden
"Purple Pang"
Michael Anguiano
"Waiting For My Exit"

Bio Notes

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