Pamela Stewart-Cothey
white moon

in a white skythe sky all inside the moon
then tipping over
black fire behind the eyesunquenchablenot yet ready for smoke
if I run and runI still cannot beat the moon to the tide
and thereat its edgeI'm too empty to weep
white moon in a blue skyin a red sky
it is simple and necessary to name still moreyellow
rust violet greenwhite moon in them allblack
moon on the other side where fire causes the end of the end
of weeping

Nothing New Under the Gun

Keep fresh keep soft
keep narrow by the door.
Don't interrupt what you hear
or they'll think you're a whore--
(or at the very least
a boring, interfering girl.)

The spirited gal is known
as the pal of a good story.
She's the funny aunt.
She's the tomboy who, no matter
what she wears, is still seen
as though in a lawn-green dress lifted
to just above the knee.

But You! If you want
to run a corporation or win
the Pulitzer
that's just fine.
Just be sure to keep those black skirts short.
Bend nicely, keep narrow
by the door.