Spring 1998


Greg Simon: The Virus, The Stone Ballrooms of Earth & Widow of the Moon (translated from the Spanish of Garcia Lorca)

H. Palmer Hall: Cantito Two

Helen Frost: Dreaming Deep Into a Room

William Aberg: Another Thing I Love About Her & Lest the Public Might Miss It

Mark Ostrowski: News of Cova's Death

Don Mager: Crow's Song

Perry Sams: Epiphany & Notice

Jefferson Carter: Arm

Tom Carpenter: The Vet's Club, Big Sandy, Montana, 1956 & The Hall Closet


Wendy Bishop: Christian and Ingaborg: A Lyric

Holly Pettit: Axis Reversed

David Hopes: The King of the Flies

Tammy Rayburn: In Search Of


Halvard Johnson: Joseph Somoza's Sojourner, So to Speak

Bio Notes

Volume I, Number 1, Winter 1997-98