The Salt River Review
Volume 8, Number 3, Winter 2005 - 2006


Carlos Reyes
     He Dreamed
     Yupik Shadows
     Do Shadows Grow Old?

David Graham
     Against God

Barbara A. Taylor
     The Twelfth House

Melanie McCuin

Janine Kelley
     One Night The Moon

Michael Estabrook
     gray sparrows and black bees
     one of those fluffy dogs with the thick curly tail

Patty Paine
     Form of a Man
     My Mother's Soup

Laura Jensen
     The Right To Be Educated

Lynn Strongin
     One Eye
      Folklore Observed Flying Over North America (Lumberjacks & Lullabies)

C. Marc Merrill
     To Do


         Cortney Davis
         Film Noir

         Raymond Federman
         The Short Hops of Knowledge
         Ecce Homo Libidinesus
         Questions of Origin

         Edward Kelsey Moore

         Michael Johnson
         Say Nothing

         Jay Baruch
         A Little Heart

     Bio Notes