Jami Macarty
The Crane              Barbados 1986

Maybe I am the stone staircase of the Crane Sea
The manta ray was not the murky overhang of the cliff    not a remnant wave

Did you see that
We are already tearing down the stairs

Of the many onlookers cantilevered above the beach
              You and I are the only ones
              Who see the dark span of the water witch

Their bicycles everywhere against the coral fan wall
              Brown children knock in the ear-shaped waves

One at the shore chants old calypso
              'Bajan gal doan wash she skin till de rain come down'

Where has the manta ray gone
We agree to be left behind

Will we see its soporific shape again
The ray has given us back to ourselves

For in the morning the waves re-open our white robes
              Island is musics is blue is menagerie is horizon is eye

The raw table of your hand
              A mango surges my mouth stops the tongue with color
              We go with the grain of each other