The Salt River Review
Volume 9, Number 2, Fall 2006


Brent Appling
       Home Movie
       Fool the Pigs!

John Bryan
       Don't think about all the years

Michelle Morgan
       A Fine-Tuned Loss

Marilyn McCabe
       Or Was It Blue?

Raud Kennedy

Halvard Johnson
       Sonnet: My Dog Sunyata

Robert Lietz
       Precis 3

Lindsay Faber Chiat
       Participating Providers in Plan

Paul Éluard, translation by Peter Robertson
       An Apologia for Knowledge VI
       Closer to Us

Ignacio Ruiz Perez, translation by Carlos Reyes
       Self-Portrait Of Coleridge
       Billy Budd Enchained


     Emeniano Acain Somoza
             The Lady From Buffalo Island
             My Lost Siquijor

     Abbas Zaidi
             Injustice Of The Opposites

     Albert Sgambati
             Riding The Rails

     Michael Conley
             Welcome to the Global Community

     Charles Kaufmann
             Some Things I Forgot To Tell You

     Donna Vorreyer
             Small Change

     Hugh Fox
             Ghost Christmas

     Mercedes Lawry
             The Way It Turned out

     Vanessa Hua
             Gone Wild
             How to Lose Your Two Best Friends

From the desk: reviews, commentary, etc.

Five reviews by Greg Simon
Sorry, Bukowski, by P.L. George

     Bio Notes