The Salt River Review
Volume 9, Number 3, Winter 2006-2007


Laura Jensen
       1971 Winter — A Long Poem

James Willis
       Small Change

Jim Gourley
       Descent From Heaven

Lynn Strongin
       Saint Francis On A Dark Day

Zoë Gabriel
       New Year’s Day Till Christmas Evening
       October Orphans

Pamela Stewart
       What Marriage Means To Me Today

Lyn Lifshin
       56 North Pleasant Street
       Estelle, Star Stones

Pablo Neruda, translated by Carlos Reyes
       Ode To The Piano


     Marc Lowe
             Four short fictions: They Call Me Bob, Letter of Resignation,
             A Good Example, Eggshells

     Douglas Cole

     Nick Goulding
             Just There, And There

     Carol Novack
             Dance, Baby, Dance


Mark Wekander

Antoinette Nora Claypoole
       Rock Garden Hearts

     Bio Notes