Mario Benedetti
     -translated by Carlos Reyes
12 Haiku

I would like
for the year to begin
every Saturday

there is no joy
more joyful than the prologue
to joy

how they would laugh
the four cardinal points
if they were five

when we're not around
the humor of doubt
will be lost

one doesn't play
with the truth -- one plays
with the lie

in reason
the only doubts that enter
are those with keys

the prisoner dreams
something that always has
the form of a key

words that burn
words that burn out
words and nothing more

I feel old
but the thrush is young
and provokes me

the girlfriend thinks
of silk sheets
and of another curtain rising

dedicatory: to her
with discounts
for her nakedness

at the airport
I bought a tango
in the shop of good-byes