Gary Arms is an assistant professor in the English Department at Clarke College. His Ph.D. is from the University of Iowa. Last summer The Princeton Review published his novel Mythology. (a book for kids). Last fall, Black Swan Productions put on Arms' play, "The Duchess of Spiders," at the Green Door Theatre in Asheville, NC.

Robert James Berry is a Londoner by birth, and is currently living and working on Penang Island, in West Malaysia. He lectures in English Literature & Language at the University of Science here. His poems have been published in the States, England and New Zealand.

Ana Doina was born in Romania when the country was under communist regime. After she graduated from the University of Bucharest with a MA in Philosophy and History, she taught high school and adult education. Due to increasing political pressures and social restrictions, she and her husband had to leave Romania. She is now an American citizen and lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children. In Romania, some of her poems were published in the national literary magazines: Romania Literara, Muguri and Sapatmina. In the past year my poems have appeared in small press publications including The Rift, El Locofoco, Icarus (NY), and Timber Creek Review.

Charles O. Hartman's fifth book of poems, The Long View, will be published by Wesleyan in January 1999. He has written criticism on free-verse prosody, voice and improvisation in jazz and poetry (JAZZ TEXT), and computer poetry (VIRTUAL MUSE). He teaches at Connecticut College. He fell in love with Greek and Greece late in 1997, and plans to return soon. His essay, "On Becoming a Greek Poet," will appear in Southwest Review in the Summer or Fall of 1998.

After finishing an MFA in poetry at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Robin A. Morris, glutton for punishment, is currently completing a PhD there. In 1990, while attending the University of California at Davis, she won First Prize in the Academy of American Poets Contest. Her poetry has appeared in Lilith as well as in numerous literary journals including American Literary Review, The Lowell Review and the forthcoming issue of Windhover. Her article on Jorie Graham appears in the Spring 1997 edition of Religiologiques.

Colin Morton is a freelance writer/editor/teacher in Ottawa, Canada. He has published a novel (Oceans Apart, Quarry, 1995) and several books of poetry. His animated short film, "Primiti Too Taa" (co-produced with Ed Ackerman) won a Bronze Apple and was nominated for a Genie. "The Passenger" is from his forthcoming book Coastlines of the Archipelago.

Carlos Reyes' latest book of poems is A Suitcase Full of Crows (Bluestem,1995); forthcoming is Oilean AgusOilean Eile (Two Islands)(Salmon Publishing, Ireland). He lives in Portland, Oregon and Letterkelly, Ireland where he maintains a 19th Century cottage.

David Tammer has published poetry in Poetry Northwest, Rocky Mountain Review, Epoch and other journals. He holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Arizona and teaches
English in Eastern Arizona.

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