Daily Light

-to Liliana

Remember how we used to play
in the lake's waters?
Swim to the dark
deep plants and sleepless fish.
Eyes open to find
every movement, every
sharp rock.
I would dive only
where a tunnel
of light plunged
into the lake
moving sensual
waves against my young body
when to keep afloat and when
to search for the ground
the gravel, the bottom,
and the sun's light folded
heavy with water.

Youth was a sufficient anchor
to bring me back to shore,
water kept no memory of me
no shape, no imprint, only
my footprints
bloomed in the silt like any other
dark plant, sleepless fish,
for a moment.

I still bathe in the light
diving through tunnels,
looking for ground
to anchor my life,
still wonder
how days have no memory
of me, no imprint, no shape
only time engraves
blossoms of aging
on my restless body of clay,
eyes open to watch for every
sharp rock.

- Ana Doina