Anny Ballardini
19. Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)
Jorge Luis Borges: The Mirror Man
Directed by Philippe Molins

                                          To feel that waking is another dream
                                          that dreams of not dreaming and that the death
                                          we fear in our bones is the death
                                          that every night we call a dream.
                                          Jorge Luis Borges, from The Art of Poetry,

Dear Jorge,

I watched this short movie twice. It seems there is a glitch with my pc, the film stops abruptly at a certain point but then the accompanying review does not add further information which makes me think l have seen it all. I met your mother, father, paternal grandparents, your English grandmother and young grandfather, your second wife Maria Kodama. I realized you lived in Palermo, a beautiful barrio when I was in Argentina - many years ago by now, one of those residential barrios like some just outside New York, and again I compare la Capital with New York, but a New York way back in time, maybe in its '20s, when you actually lived it. Quite presumptuous of me to write you a letter, even if I remember I knew you were talking to me directly when I was reading one of your books at an airport in South America, “You reader,” you wrote, and I knew it was me because you were answering my question. But then I might have been one of those myriads of faces you saw in the mirror that frightened you in the heavy shades of your childhood home. What did I write while watching your movie?

tigers & trains & transatlantic ships
1914 (too young to see the 1st World War)
1921-'22 Buenos Aires again
Fervor de Buenos Aires
El Barrio Palermo

completeness in your “elegant hopes”
within the nurturing embrace of your family
1899 August 24

Borges: beauty of the landscape only for cultured people / the peasants see it for its practicality (Martin Fierro)

subtlety in analyzing the ethereal
the thin borderline in-between what we think is _what we can somehow formulate /realize through our senses
and complete unconsciousness
the master of poetic human geometrically structured (hexagonal) psychology in its repetitive patterns -a Nietzschean eternal return, in its encompassing view, repetitions included
perception to its extreme
in deciphering the infinite Library's infinite mysteries
from Poe to Lacan to Borges
when Anny finally came to take me away to join her
in a circular movement back to the screen

Borges: poetry is dictated by the Muse or the Holy Spirit

Bioy Casares
Victoria Ocampo: Sur founded in 1931

Working as a librarian, I also did. For me it was the torture of Tantalus, all those books and no time to read. I need a long time to read a book, and a long time to reread it, the slow reader I am.
At about 60 you became blind, Beethoven deaf. Hardy's cynical nature hits without mercy.

                                          They say Ulysses, wearied of wonders,
                                          wept with love on seeing Ithaca,
                                          humble and green. Art is that Ithaca,
                                          a green eternity, not wonders.

Jorge Luis Borges, from “The Art of Poetry”