Barry Spacks
Dilemma of the Fat Cats

The bamboo leaves attempt a take-off
at every flighty whim of the wind
but of course the stalks won’t let them go.
This could be used as an emblem for fat cats
who grow so tragic-attached to themselves
they never can reach our enlightened South,
which explains why their rage often sweeps them away
far north, beyond the law's Great Wall
where the chance remark of a Network Executive
stirs them to reach for a lethal ice-dagger,
a jury-proof weapon that melts once it kills
but ha! down here we Others bask
in kindlier weather with lucky toehold
on precincts made safe from intense foul play;
no pursuit need strive to improve our day
as the big pomposo clouds roll in,
as fruit trees yield like affable uncles
and Eleanora unbuttons her shirt.