The Salt River Review
Volume 12, Number 3, Winter 2009


Bob Herz
     The Monkey
     The Year of the Masses

Ankur Betageri

Matt Sadler
     New Year's Pig
     The Blue Glow of

Lynn Strongin
      A War's Going On
     Labor Day Weekend

Josepha Gutelius
     Sunset in Frascati

Halvard Johnson
     Afternoon Sonnet

Fernando Pessoa

Carlos Reyes
    Puzzle Ghazal

Sergio Ortiz

Edward Harkness
    One Less Fall

Howard Aaron
    Seven Days

Virginia Chase Sutton
    Upon the Death of Fay Wray


     Mark Wekander
     Why I have Not Used My Elias Lamb Connection

     Robert Wexelblatt
     Beezlepoint and Needleprat

     Richard Kostelanetz
              More Openings & Closings

Belles Lettres: Wherein prose poems, nonfiction,
essays, and other writings are found.

Stephanie Dickinson
     Lust Series (64), (65), (66)

Laura Jensen
     Summer 1971: A Novel by Sir Walter Scott and Getz / Gilberto

     Bio Notes