The Salt River Review
Volume 13, Number 1 & 2, Fall/Winter 2010


Tad Richards

Laura Jensen
         My Father At Times
         A Poem and What a Poem Has Become

Hillary Hays
         Poem for My Father
         Date Rape, 1981

Skip Fox
         Whatever Thing Death Be
         Blood in Black and White

Josepha Gutelius
         Before the Celebration

Liliana Ursu
         The Sand of Olimp
         A Path to the Sea, or the Letter A

Lynn Strongin
         from The Translator’s Hut & the Man Who lived in a Stove

Millicent Borges Accardi
         Somewhere Ahead a Man is Waiting

Keith Moul
         To One In The Night Outside Our Window
         At The Oregon Coast, Thanksgiving

Nic Sebastian

Jeannine Savard
         Not Stopping for Sleep

Sergio Ortiz
         Only the Rumor

Liz Ahl
         The Conjugations of Light

Anastasia Hager
         "Fire flies  luciferase"

Sheila E. Murphy
         Lauds (9)
         Lauds (11)

James A.Hawley
         Filch & Seventh

Halvard Johnson

John Morgan
         The Sleepwalker's Husband
         Ballad of the Three-Legged Cat

Marcus Bales
         A Nice Piece Of Free Verse
         Letting One

Wendy Carlisle
         After Reading JLo’s Entry On Reality All Starz, Under Write a Haiku Poem
         Consolation Sonnet

Paulann Petersen

Ed Harkness
         Out of the Blue

Frances Ruhlen McConnel
         Old Mother Moon
         Journey—A Ghazal  

Carlos Reyes

Greg Simon
         The Two Kings of Portugal

Tess Gallagher
         Sruthlinn Spring


         Kulpreet Yadav
                  There is enough for one

         Lori White
                  The Pablo Plan

         Donna D. Vitucci

         Robert Vaughan
                  Sometimes he feels like it’s numb

         Tim Tomlinson
                  Look Closer

         Tessa Smith McGovern
                  The Literature Group

         Janis Einfelds, trans. Inara Cedrins
                  The Porcelain Chariot Race

         John Danahy
                  Just Routine

        Shirley Sullivan
                  Magic Wonder

Belles Lettres: Wherein prose poems, nonfiction, essays,
and other writings are found.

Skip Fox
         Composition with Baby
         “When Zeno returned”
         Heaven's Scrim [from clouds]

John Yohe
         Puerto Rico in the late 60s

Laura Jensen
         What The Dormouse Said: Take Time To Read, It Is the Fountain of Wisdom

Nick Ripatrazone
         Holy Family

Reamy Jansen
         On the Tip of My…

Greg Simon
         The Fifth Empire of Fernando Pessoa
         The Chateau (II)

Afterword: Greg Simon, Lynda Schor, James Cervantes

Bio Notes