The Salt River Review
Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 1998-99


The Poem About a Mood, The Poem About Dark Rings & The Poem About The End
- Mariana Filimon, trans. Adam J. Sorkin & Dan Dutescu

The Hills Just West of Yuma, Humboldt & Rime Suffisante
- James Hawley-Meigs

Phantasmagoria & The Vanity of Purely Random Taxis
- Halvard Johnson

excerpts from the circumferences of a cry
- Martin Pouliot

Pits and Seeds & Out of a Barn
- Laura Jensen

She Smiled Back, The Rose & The Sigh
- James Bertolino

Starfish & Crows
- Robert James Berry

Venezia Che Muore
- Arlene Ang

I Want My Life to Fit
- Maxianne Berger

- John Gilgun