"Oh no, Oh no," Gram said, "I am French, and Castilian, not Puerto Rican! My father had the wisdom of Solomon. All the peasants from miles away would come to learn from him."

"Yeah, uh huh, and you're a duchess, right? What happened to all your diamonds?"

"I played with them in the sand - If I lost them, I lost them!"

The same old story, argued over another Sunday breakfast.

I went downstairs and had some Wheaties. I tried to eat quickly so I could get away from the table. Chuck was sitting on the couch in front of the TV wearing his robe, torn T-shirt, and boxers. His hair was stuck to his head and this made his face look even more egg-shaped than usual. I thought it was strange he wasn't dressed for church yet.

My father came to the table, grabbed me by the shoulder and made me look him straight in the eye. "Aren't you going to say hello to your father? Huh?"

"Morning," I muttered.

Chuck said, "Yes, good morning. Well, I'm sick, not that anybody around here cares," he said looking for an audience. "I'm going back to bed. Your mother will take you to church today. I still have to go to work today no matter what anyone else does!"

Chuck kicked our dog Ruff out of the way yelling "Get outta here!" and stomped up the stairs. My mom said, "There goes Captain Lightfoot again."