Curtains Help Eliminate Giraffe

We have progressed, the solitude is yours to play with
and you step just one foot at a time into the twilight.
What are you sawing at still?
I would never touch the leaves on that fixture.

The devil has quieted a partner
with a movement of his little finger.
I couldn't stand the smell of him anymore.

The blue pen black on the inside
picked in whispers
not lost quick in coming
to us,
surfaces moving upstream to us

he said to write this down before I forget, before he dies,
herds dead cells inside, a balloon of ink celebrates
every fifty years, perfect words
good-bye, Curtains,
good-byes and hugs I gave my friend
I swear it's not my fault
of course, he said, I'm a giraffe
we understand these things, stop writing

he asked a few more questions, then he dies
I will not hand you the right size cord for the air conditioner.
Mao was not my grandfather
he was just someone I saw on the cover of a magazine in the lobby.

I'm getting a nurse, but rewriting this first thing
after he falls, I'm sure that's what he wanted
sacrifice is the ability of his own.