Death of Mysterious Circumstances

At the mountain's foot
with a deaf, blue pony's howl
in the way of ghosts.

Untended ranch in
expensive new shoes, guarded,
eating blacksmith whole.

Beautiful mercy,
an idea hung in moments
of selective fire.

The deaf blue pony
grew to full size, managed well-
enough, never dies

The most important
speed in turning is exit
speed, four legs faster

hungrier, with teeth
the size of blue Bic lighters.
I love animals

they're delicious
what doesn't fir inside me
simply don't matter.

Sharpening his hooves
until illness prevented
her, until her death

then resurrection
comes unwelcome to the farm,
then the neighborhood.

What happens when ghosts
ride horses, when they trade soul-
spaces, screaming, stalled?

The Weasel