John Gilgun
Johnboy on Rock Spring Road

Johnboy drives through the cold to Rock Spring Road.
He says the name of the street to himself:
Rock Spring Road, Rock Spring Road, Rock
Spring Road. It is an unassuming drive up
a mundane hill. The garage door rises
electronically at the touch of a button.
The car moves forward under the power of
its fossil fuel and settles on its springs
in the garage. At the center of everything,
this silence.

Johnboy enters the house and goes immediately to his
workroom. He clears his mind. In Jotown every-
thing has closed for the holidays. His phone will
not ring for four days. He could die in here
and no one would know. It is a terrifying prospect.
He types, "Every night I will return to this silence
the way others return to Word of Life church." At
the center of everything.

As his fingers move across the keys, Johnboy is at peace.
Each day for the rest of his life he will return
to this place the way others return to Grannie's
for Christmas dinner. This silence.