Vol. II, No. 1 Winter, 1999-2000

Gray Jacobik
The Tapeworm
The Power Outage
Russ Kesler
Three Questions
David Graham
Crow Songs
Sundowning at the Dementia Unit
David Howard
Talking Sideways
Kelly Lock
John Gilgun
Johnboy on Rock Springs Road
Carrie Wright
Noah Married
David Tammer
Kate Thorn
Been Too Long by the Sea
David Howard
On the Eighth Day



Halvard Johnson
Halvard Johnson by Halvard Johnson
Carrie Wright
Twisted Pair Wire

Creative Non-Fiction

Keith Geekie
The Russia Diary
W. Scott Olsen
from Defending The Tourist: Travels in Te Aotearoa—The Land of
the Long White Cloud
Sherri Linn Kline
Dawn Songs: Fall

From The Desk

Reviews by Greg Simon

Bio Notes