The Salt River Review

Volume 3, Number 3, Fall 2000


Amanda Pritchard Moore
"What You Should Know Before Reading This Poem"
"I Keep a Small Fool"
Jessy Randall
"Dream of the Baby"
"The Mysterious Romance Box"
Greg Simon
Peter Cooley
"Sunday Afternoons With My Sister"
Terry Rasmussen
"No Easy Language"
"Shopping Cart Dreamer"
Cynthia Hogue
"Late Nights with Albert"
Reginald Harris
"Jean-Michel Basquiat: His Things"
"The Young Widower"
M. Shahid Alam
Three Ghazals From Ghalib


Meredith Sue Willis
"Nineteen Sixty-Nine"
Ellen Alexander Conley
"Alexandra Hits the Streets"
Thaddeus Rutkowski
"Making Contact"

Creative Non-fiction

Gail Siegel
"From the Telemarketer's Point of View"


Bio Notes