Moderna Museet

Some evenings I believe the years will be
like the hours and as I am older I will have
seen all I can see, that the atenum, for example,
in Helsinki, was a saturation and in the later
day I could not. Years do leave us crowded.

At the Bion, the movie room at Moderna Museet,
my cousin's wife's name in the credits,
what a great surprise! So I ate another piece
of the almond torte, on the terrace, sparrows,
where the sun came through the clouds.

And sat before the large paper-cut montage
by Henri Matisse while a fluttering mental
racket did not cease - but for my sense of sight
alone that could not make any difference.


He leaned forward, very interested.
But I would not know why a whole gesture
would not become all gesture - an answer
or a fish bowl's net spilled on its scent-like
twisted wire, the temptation of the bright
red-golden fish into the marbles and tower
and not the net's anymore. So it is like
talk, how the future adjusts and the sense of it
is - now that idea will be disappointing.

Some people talk as though they spoke
like a retractable tape measure, sure, it
curls back up and the marks are the same.

- Laura Jensen

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