so here we are with intertwining stories
put together by the power of the techies
Nasdaq risen
thanx to the intel motorola vision of
an interplanetary connection
and the spy intellect of the greatest mission
no no, not like the Mormon
or Jesuit tradition
at the age of thirteen
in the Jewish religion
a man comes of age
is said to have the vision of a prophet
where, who, what, when
will the Messiah come
Mother spider, weaving us to glory
in the final frontier
preserving our Earth
into 21st Century birth
of a new nation
put together by
an Aryan faction
with the nuclear power to
cause ultimate devastation
of the world's greatest city
sitting on the coast
with direct routes to most
of the European and African countries
must I mention the
greatest governmental connection
with South America
supplying cocaine to La Cosa Nostra
purchased political candidates
as intermediaries of
a crime syndicate
hoppin around like
a bunch of playboy bunnies
paid off
makes you wonder who's
rising to the top
Trade Center Pre-school
McVeigh driven U-haul
Will it ever stop?
As the planets line up for what?

- Jared Messenger

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