Johannes Beilharz
Uncertainty Injected by Robert Bly

But what if the hops don't hop
and the leaps don't leap?

What if the static light shines
steadily, brightly, reassuringly?

To each his own, then? Or must
I be right to be right?

But yes, a lot of this stuff is
consumerism of personal beauty,

and we do live in rich countries.
Pariahs have little use for

Picasso, and what's the right
time to read André Breton?

I am imposing a sprig of thyme
on time - the right time. Bly

needled an audience hope-
fully larger than the edition.

We are all children of our
shells, eating, defecating, starving,

watching people with limps
hold out a hand to children.
Two Pages Further

it is his forehead he strikes with his fist
- V. Nabokov about Lermontov's hero Pechorin

Rats, horses!
What have I come to, whisperer of Hi!
to horses, heidschnuck sheep and chickens

Frequent tearful wanderer of modernized
village streets

Wearer of beady yellow Schwarzenegger
sunglasses to hide behind

Dostoevskian change artist: yesterday
writing blackest law of no more contact

Today breaking it in cheerful high
to vaguely suggest fun trip to South-

Western USA together. Hath the man
no pride? No consequence?