Jascha Hoffman
After Baudelaire

you know that salt ache?
i was dying of a
bone-fed desire

when a sugar ran down
my grain-pinched heart

ripped out of this world

it's curtains for you
kids if you must know
i am so dead wait

there's more

from "Midnight Angels"
after Castro Alves*

when the livid undead and
the grave archangel
billow the night for us
and the tourists bathe in sweat
and even the twin pines are broken in the throat ...

when the bloody light swells
from its socket, fades then surges
like a sweating soul
and sings out its own fever to the
ripe mask of madness ...

when everything shivers and melts
switches on and hums, throbs then reveals
rivets and scrims,
then the dark worlds get
bucked in spasms and some spasms start to leak ...

*adaptation of "Os Anjos da Meia Noite: Photographias," by Brazilian poet Castro Alves