David Cade
dada phone

the animal is swallowing another being

fore paws and tail of a sea bird inverted,

it is not clear what animal is meant

its head is reversed

it represents a small ring

a totem pole split, both sides carved

the dorsal fin split

the animal here represented, on a very large scale

in profile, a slate dish design

is a design from basketry

the porcupine quill embroidery

of tribes of the interior

a type of basketry

zigzag, twilling a central band

flying geese tying, the use of a central band

which separates two broad design bands

a single undecorated line of stitched woe

droppers, the bands quite irregular

generally quite independent

all at the expense of the animal form

a central face forced to brake

hydraulic, hydra-like, a water serpent

a water carrier, a myth

where arbors form a square

in effect, a person, but its place

in a state of receptivity, in manner provoked

in a sort of hazarded encounter –

arising on the side, not chosen

of which the allure, singular, to be a sign

of the hazard, the hiding place of which he was

of a new spirit

of which the star we placed

on the objective hazard will not cease

to search the manifestation

in the vases communicating

the infinite movement, the confession disdained

the last footsteps, retaken, between us –

adding more, yet cutting out

of the vase of crystal of the bohemian

of the vase of cries

of the vase of the horse

in the language of children