Selena Millares
Island of Silence

- to those disappeared Madrid,
dies irae

1. The Shipwreck

there are marbles, lichens
and a dark sand
that speaks of time

it is dawn
and dead sirens watch

slowly the ship sinks
in the dawn
and all that is heard
is the silence of the sea

2. The Beach

the sands hide
rings and swords
defences, they watch over
sleeping hearts
and lips that whisper
to children and lovers

the silent sands
with fine sheets
in which to wrap its dream
and yours
so that the cold of morning
will not touch it

3. Memory

you remember the doves
in the eaves
their monotonous ritual of spring
yet nothing remains
to adorn your night
with voices and laughter

the crunch of steps
and the clicking of crickets
and the fluttering of butterfly wings
their light, weightless
shot of light

4. The Sand

there are no more roads
from this beach
sand on the horizon
and in the eyes
and in the clocks
that slowly drip away
your destiny of sand

5. Goodbye

will you be a tree, comet
or throat that laughs?

or perhaps honeysuckle
that perfumes time
standing still?

long the hours

you remain
now free
full of wings
and seeds