The Salt River Review
Volume 8, Number 1, Winter, 2004-05


Kelly Bancroft
The Glucose Bird

Eric Low Soon Liang
Morning, Truce

Allen McGill

Lex Runciman
"Joy Cometh in the Morning"

Mark Wekander
Rain in Kenya

H. Palmer Hall
Let there be . . .

Stan Sanvel Rubin
The Nature of It

Gwyn McVay
Por Favor

Pablo Neruda, trans. Carlos Reyes
Ode to the Piano

Juana de Ibarbourou, trans. Carlos Reyes
Running Water

Selena Millares, trans. Carlos Reyes
Island of Silence

Prose Poems

Mark Wekander
Advice About Returning to Life

Richard Henry
excerpts from “Postcards from Kittle”


Dale Wisely
The Girl From Anthropology

Carole Rosenthal

Bio Notes