The Salt River Review
Volume 8, Number 2, Fall, 2005


Tess Gallagher
     The Women of Auschwitz

Nahrain Al-Mousawi
     The Prophet in My Mother's Dreams

Amos Tang
     White Story
     Suite for Solo Guitar, No. 2

Rosemarie Dombrowski

Muriel Nelson

Judith Strasser
     Some Poems Want to be Stories

Matt Sadler
     Letter to Layne from Tucson

Ann Neuser Lederer
     Thunder Moon

David Hopes

Paul C. Howell
Mannequins and Metaphors

John Morgan
     Jupiter Observed


         Tania Casselle
         The Trials Of Summer

         Girija Tropp

         Mark LaMonda

         Nathan Leslie
         Smash the Quiet


Lynn Strongin
     Lady Sings The Blues: C.D.Wright, Vernacular & Visionary

     Bio Notes