C. Marc Merrill
To Do

                         · Lockheed Martin® nuclear waste right up the road. They'll vote on it
                         Monday in the House.
                         · Dow® chemicals on the lawn. Dog. Warn kids.
                         · Monsanto® insecticides on the tomatoes, they're all cuddling together
                         in the low-density polyethylene bag in the crisper. Must wash tomatoes.

Don't look at the Styrofoamä box spacers in the basement.

Black exhale of Peabody Energy® blowing in from the West.
Mixing with the rest of the Respirable Particulate Matter (PM10)
swirling in solution all around you.
Must Breathe

The blacktop cul-de-sac with its spiderweb of cracks
filled up with that chemical, durable, heat-resistant
crude oil-based sealant they use. Must

                         · Go to Staples® Wal-Mart® Target® Sam's Club® Office Depot®
                         Radio Shack® Safeway® Dollar Store® Shopping Mall/Outlet Mall.

You'll get low-density polyethylene bags to put all that shit in.

Don't forget
out of LDPE bags to throw the shit out in when done with it.

                         · Garbage Bags. Get the ones on sale at Safeway®.
                         · Coupon.
                         · *Take the Chevy®

Its polymer bodywork and consoles, its polyisoprene tires, polybutadiene mounts,
polyisobutylene tire-linings, hoses and belts-just
nestle the polystyrene egg cartons safely in the vinyl back seat
along with the disposable Rubbermaid® containers, polyurethane stuffed
lumbar pillow, polyethylene OJ cartons and K-Mart® kid's toys, polyethylene terephthalate Diet Coke® bottles (with polypropylene threaded caps).
Just remember

                         · *Chevy needs an oil change.
                         · Jiffy Lube® coupon.
                         · Relax your shoulders.
                         · Breathe deep.
                         · Drive relaxed. Relax brow. Unclench teeth.

Sit and
relax into polyamide shirt.
Breathe. Look out through polycarbonate windows
with their ethylene propylene window channelings, looking, mainly

looking at other people's cars, mainly.
Need to

                         · Relax your neck. Let your jaw go slack.
                         · Meridians, Deepak shockras, Chopra™ chi, flow, let it all flow.

Toes and feet need to sweat into polyester socks
slipped tight into Nike® trainers
with ethylene vinyl acetate midsoles and styrene butadiene outersoles.

Go ahead and safely operate your tenite propionate gas and brake pedals.

                         · Breathe deep, tighten your abs. Remember.
                         · Straight back.

Drive home
polymethylmethacrylate blender under the sink
polypropylene ketchup bottle on the plastic tray on the door of the fridge
the filmy shampoo and conditioner bottles in the plastic shower
39 Tupperware® containers with 36 tops in the cupboard
polyvinyl chloride deck chairs out back under the plastic umbrella,
polyamide Sony® TV and AIWA® speakers in the family room
polyvinylidene chloride Saran Wrap® in the kitchen drawer.
Missing three tuppertops. Why?
Ask Susan.

                         · Groceries