The Salt River Review
Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 2006


Verandah Porche
     Prima Gravida
     Pacifist Ruminants

Sam Pereira
     1963: The Lord Giveth
     Blessed Oil in Cabin #3

Maurice Oliver
     Card Blanche: Sonnet #4 (Fixation)

Allan Peterson
     So Much So

Bonnie Naradzay
     Red Onion

Jerry Mirskin

Jason Fraley
     Unfortunate Circumstance

David Thornbrugh
     Montana Without a Map

Jami Macarty
     The Crane

Greg Simon
     My Nicaragua

Emma Howell
     It Is the Morning of the Day of Bleach


         Justin Crouse
              Cause for Celebration

         Charles Blackstone
              Adults and Children

         Anne Germanacos
Guilt: the debt one owes the future

Creative Non-Fiction

Lori Horvitz
     The Girls of Usually
     The Weight of Stuff

Stephanie Cairns
     In the Kitchen

Stanley Jenkins


     Greg Simon

 Bio Notes