Robert Lietz
Precis 3

     So the ridge-winds speed the old leaves
up to us. So it will be cold again
and damp enough for burning     / for keeping
touch and company     -- trusting
the ends of cold     / the squirrels proving
the feeders squirrel-proof     -- wise
to the masking glow     -- wise
to the game
and hands     made light
with     the trick-

     We're keeping touch and company. And
are     re-gathered
wondering     -- having worn out the jeans
/ having     paid     bills through
we knew     we had to pay on     -- amazed
in these gladdened notes     -- and --
meeting     after     meeting     -- composing
such     weekends now     -- such
lives     as weekends     will acquaint
and     re-acquaint
/ keeping touch     and

     And waking     in glacial light. And come --
in the swede-blue gazing
home     -- as asked     -- and more than ever
home     Elizabeth     -- and     every
step's worth full     -- and every step     oasising –
where     two     would be glad
/ spared for     -- made     for     and     in
and by the sway
of their good humor     -- where     two –
in     the sudden
once     -- are     become     and more
than two had ever dreamed of --
a radiance     -- flecked
with radiance     -- moved
through     this year
and     more
of meeting after