Marilyn McCabe
Or Was It Blue?


Sweet Memory: Dramatic color,
arching clusters,
distinct white edge.

Soft golden berries
appear after flowering.
These are much sought after.

Can grow in full sun
or partial shade.
It is hardy

and can tolerate
most soil types
once established.

Worth growing.


Who can’t?
Fresh turned soil meets
the sun and rain empty
as a furrow’s arms.

There are dead zones,
soil sucked pristine.
But we work fecund land

of cultivars and dogwood,
penstemon, catmint, and this,
tangling with the churning
yellow root of bittersweet.


Begin with the basic flesh.
It is sometimes necessary to wash them over to soften them sufficiently.
Areas of the negative can be filled with the neutral.
When adding nonexistent details, it helps to have a photograph.
In a portrait, some areas need separation.
Trying to cover things up does not work well.
The lighter the subject, the more obvious the starburst.
The final product should look natural even under close scrutiny.
It is hard to determine the extent of damage sustained from continued exposure.
Moisture can build up, and unexpectedly spurt out.