The Salt River Review
Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 2007


Tony Burfield
       Ten Minutes

Sheila Black
       This Slow Ache Within Music

Nathaniel Rounds
       Kingdom of Fez (Ruins)
       Pain/Tome 5

Frances Ruhlen McConnel
       Coat Hanger Risotto

Margo Solod
       What We Bring
       A Letter From My Aunt Requires Careful Contemplation

David Brendan Hopes
       The Italia T-shirt

Flavia Cosma
       Winter Again

Glenna Luschei
       Feathers Everywhere
       Bottom Feeders

Michael Scott Cain
       What I Told the Man Who Asked If I Supported the War

Katherine Holmes
       Unisex Gull Feathers
       Tenant Garland

Alexis Quinlan
       We Don't Doubt Telluric Currents, But
       Some of the several ways they paint God's backyard


     Noah McGee
             Well Out Over the Cabbage

     Donna D. Vitucci
             Daybreak, March 1956

     Mark McBride
             Bath Day

     Tiffany Promise
             Vanishing Act

Bio Notes