Peter Bruveris
     - translated by Inara Cedrins
The Hospital Park
     for Andris Hirsch
autumn a metallic brightness in the eyes
windows smelling of novocaine
the little shops of our souls
entwined with misty and glassy sneer
ambassadors of winter in white smocks
seem like swans seem like death
in the mirror of autumn skies weighing tons
beneath which we
stand like glass sculptures.
- 1983 

even the skies desire 

even the skies desire
to sit in a tavern awhile
at the stained grey table
and drink a pint
of the muddiest ale
even the skies have to
get wound up in cobwebs
and look sweaty rats
in the eye
and see blue corn-flowers
even the skies must feel
the gravitation of the swamp
because how else
would they dare
stand above
and for us.