The Salt River Review
Volume 10, Number 3, Winter 2007-08

                                        A 10th Anniversary Issue


Martin Ott
       Learning The Tango

Halvard Johnson
       Sonnet: Adventures on the Hippocampus
       Sonnet Ending with Epigram of Oscar Wilde

Amanda Laughtland
       In Public

John Morgan
       Above The Tanana: For Jim Simmerman (1952-2006)
       At The Farmhouse In West Branch

Robert Lietz
       from Maxima

Katherine Bogden
       A Glimpse of You at the Dog Park After Two Years of Absence
       When the Cat is Away

Sam Pereira
       The Dog Who Swallowed Needles

Peter Bruveris
       The Hospital Park
       "even the skies desire"

Lynn Strongin
       Clickety Clack

Wendy Taylor Carlisle
       To Paris, Love Oenone
       Princes of Wine, the Slaves of Water

Kevin Conder
       Andros — Celebration of the Unknown Sailor

Sid Miller

Peggy Shumaker
       Horny Toads

Barry Spacks
       Little Guy


     B.J. Hollars

     Lisa Veyssiere
              How I Dream About You Now

     Matt Maxwell
             The Diving Board
             Fighting Me

     Jennifer Berney
             About Experience

     Gail Louise Siegel
             Bret and Billie

     Rochelle Cashdan

Bio Notes