Ankur Betageri

I tried to write a poem
Sitting in Lalbagh
Below me was the lake with
Black fishes in the lapping waters
And above me were two crows
Cawing away their life

Look, I said
The fishes are calling you
So many fishes to catch…
Jump in and drown your senses in the jelly soft
Summer water
You might not get this opportunity again
This cool shade of the trees
And the abundance of fishes beneath

But I sat there still all the same
A Trisanku,
Listening to the crows
And thirsting with my whole being
For the fishes

Ach... What the hell!
Either I should die
Or let desire occupy
My soul,
So what is this I am doing, contemplating
about what to choose

I went down to the lake
And sticking a piece of my heart to the bait
Swung the line into the lake
And set myself to wait.