The Salt River Review
Volume 11, Number 3, Winter 2008


Matt Sadler
     Faint Music

Halvard Johnson
     Toxic Assets Sonnet

Jessy Randall & Daniel M. Shapiro
     Let's Have a Fight

Sheila E. Murphy
     Pullover: (I'm Not A)

Tad Richards
     Deconstructing With Sookie
     Negotiating With Sookie

Amy MacLennan
      At a Roadside Stand

James A. Hawley
     Almuerzo en San Miguel

Paul C. Howell
     Coming of Ice Age

David Graham
     Letters from the Dead

Paul Sampson
     Before the Cancer Checkup


     Terri Lee Hackman

     Greg Gerke
     Diplomats, My Ass
      Dreams of You - Chapter 33

     Deborah Bauer
       The Cat Room

     Gay Degani
     Listing Lisa

     Elaine Medline
     Raffle Cheat
     Cookies Baking

     Nora Costello

Belles Lettres: Wherein prose poems, nonfiction,
essays, and other writings are found.

Greg Simon
     Wislawa Szymborska: First Original

     Bio Notes