The Salt River Review
Volume 12, Number 2, Fall 2009


Carmen Firan
     Real Estate
     Where Colors Still Have Sounds
          - translated by Adam J. Sorkin

James A.Hawley
     Street of the Dead (Micaotli)

John Morgan
     The Unsafe House
     Psalm (after Nietzsche)

Alex Cigale
      Tonight I saw the littlest bats imaginable

Greg Simon
     The River, after Fernando Pessoa
     Self Analysis, after Fernando Pessoa

Allan Peterson
     Nothing That Simple

Derek Henderson

Barry Spacks
     Dilemma of the Fat Cats

H. Palmer Hall
    The Car Hop at Sonic

Lynn Lifshin
    More Hair

Tad Richards
    Sookie's Penetralium

David Graham
    These Are the Days of Such Hard Music

Flavia Cosma

Charles Springer

Taylor Graham


     Jack Boyle
     Being and a Ball

     Jane Lazarre
     Beginnings - excerpt from Inheritance, a novel

     Tim Poland
              Brazilian Mahogany

     Paul Silverman

     Douglas Walker
     The Fifth Green

Belles Lettres: Wherein prose poems, nonfiction,
essays, and other writings are found.

Laura Jensen
     1970 - Summer - Tacking

Greg Simon
     Fernando Pessoa: The Art of X = 72

     Bio Notes