James A. Hawley
Street of the Dead (Micaotli, from the Nahuatl)
We are of the earth, we are of the dead — 
It all darkens.
Flowers are cut. We come covered in dust.
The luxuriance of flowers, thy purity
Thy breast — stoney lands — 
Something hidden, something created.
Heaven is worthy of being desired
& the Old God is worthy
Of being possessed. I run pursuing it.
Feed my sheep for me.

Micaotli (Street of the Dead)
Titlalloque, ticoquioque — 
Xochiteco. Titeuhyotiuitzc.
Icelica in xochitl, mochipauaca
Melchiquiuhtzin — tetetla — 
Tlainayalli, tlachiualli.
In ilhuicatl ca neicoltiloni
Yuan in Huehueteotzin
Ca necuiltonoloni. Nictototca.
Xinechintlaqualtili in nochcauan.