Derek Henderson
       (How William went about it.)
I was tomorrow.  I want them.  to.
I am alive.  I am the first to.  I work.
loved, I wanted to know seedburst.  I want or.
by a hundred to her.  I illness.  I worry.
for more years before I keel, I want I, I
I am people, I am ago, I am ego.
over every want is want.
I have wants, I have schools, I have being.
I can never be a dead boy, can never be want.
I know to sort and ship out, I know a lot of things.
I know how to be a girl, know how to stop.
loud, stinking of love, of whining,
of those people I was loved by.
I come to want, upset, needing want,
needing my wants and wanting to be her
and for her to be my worth.
an identified disturbance in a dead house.
there was an illness before we ever knew
an illness of the sort I want to hate.
to be of.
to die whole.

O O O, if I keep every word I am frightened of,
I will want everything I have to be gone away.
disconcern.  to do, to be,
is, I know, a rotten lot of want.
dissolve, care for something more than this.
I went so far as to want that quirk.