The Salt River Review
Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 2010


Avik Chanda
     Agnus Dei

Johannes Beilharz
     Samantha’s painting
     Still life with tulip and chimneys
     Loving and free

J.A. Hawley
      Days of the Red Disk
     Wear Thy Dark, Flayed & Narky Remnants Well

Olvido García Valdés, translated by Catherine Hammond
      How far down
     We keep falling like flies
     What a long time

Changming Yuan
     "If You Can’t See Me, I Can’t See You"
     W. E. N. S: A Rotating Poem

Larry Goodell
     “Meditation is Non-Doing”
     The New Male Style
     At Root

Wendy Taylor Carlisle
      Love Picks Her Favorite Abstract Strategy Game


     Marja Hagborg

     Terence Kuch


     Jill Stegman

     Cassandra Passarelli

     Rochelle Cashdan

Belles Lettres: Wherein prose poems, nonfiction, essays, and other writings are found.

Corey Mesler
     The Voice and Me

J.A. Hawley

Pamela Stewart
     Parable Dreams

     Bio Notes