Larry Goodell
“Meditation is Non-Doing”

“How many breaths did you count
                 before you were hurled into the
                          enchanted fields?”
I wasn’t hurled any place. What are enchanted fields?
“When you get there you’ll almost be blinded
        by spiritual light.”
I don’t want to be thank you.
“Then why are you meditating.”
I’m not, until you go away.
“Perhaps you’re unworthy of the spiritual essence
                              I’m the example of.”
Obviously I am: it’s been instructive, saying goodbye
                                      to you.

The New Male Style
(in a dream)

A long thin brass chain has been attached to the foreskin
        of my penis. This seems to be the style these days.
It hangs down to the floor. I’m really worried about this.
It’s not heavy but it’s there & I don’t know
how I’m going to live with it.

At Root

I am grateful for the sensitive island of myself
where hope gains freedom to exist in the present,
take root and send a bountiful spring up.
Weather extends out into me determining
what I see and the mood that centers my mind
and the turning of season so slow I hardly
see it. But my mono self stays put
no matter where I move, the cold winter night
around me, where I observe always from
               this place I observe.