Millicent Borges Accardi
Somewhere Ahead a Man is Waiting
He wants to see you
But not to talk. He has other
Things on his mind, maybe mystery
Maybe evil. There is a road
And a broken phone and the shell
Of an Enco gas station that closed
30 years ago.  This man thinks
He knows what is best. This man
Imagines himself stronger than you
Are, with your lost face and open map
Of a mouth. He knows that the signs
Are all there but twisted like dead
Birds in a storm or a young American
Girl who knots her pony tail and then
Nibbles on the end. At the dusky
Café, this man is standing by himself
Having given up the right to ordinary
Talk with others long ago. He knows
What he wants now. He looks at his
Shoes. There is a song called by
Her name he used to know
Before he was alone. The bird
Of paradise only blooms when its roots
Are crowded. He steps forward.