Wendy Carlisle
After Reading JLo’s Entry
On Reality All Starz Under Write a Haiku Poem


Your haiku, Mister
JLo, made me lust to write
haiku myself.  We

neither of us have
celebrity.  We have to
borrow strangers’ fame.
You chose JLo, my
praise goes out To Brittany:
oversexed and un-

loved, sweet and dumb, my
trailer-trash second-self, girl
in my mirror, this
one’s: For Brittany:
for my scorned twin, my rival,
inside joke, and short-

hand for my years of
waste.  It might be envy's voice
that says it's alright
to write this About
Me & Brittany
she's rich, I’m not so

much. She sings & I
just auto tune.  But we're
tight BFFs, we

share.  We were sad , drunk,
knocked up & married quick and
dirty, way too soon.

Consolation Sonnet
         for Bill Emerson

Praise to the steamroller, the backhoe, grader,
bulldozer, all grand, growly vehicles, industrial
and large.  My compliments to Farmalls,
Massey Fergusons, John Deeres, those tractors
that engage a greater strength for man to set against
the sullen earth.  Laud for the many aids to labor,
great and small.  And bless, above them all,
the forklift, a tool worthy of possession, a jolly hoist,
a moderately heavy lifter, that bares a sleek tongue
to heft life’s necessary treasures.  You, who polished
its excellent windscreen, occupied its shiny cab, rested easy
in Naugahyde seats, take comfort.  While splendid
Combilift can shift your stuff and amplify both muscle
and the human arm, it can’t extend our pitiful short reach.