James A.Hawley
 Filch & Seventh
     … & then went down to the Topaz  Arsenal Spar & Grill
        the sound board’s interxylary  beckonings, to wit:
                                                     a Zzyzx  Concerto in B minor
                                            we’ll call it a draw  dude, a one time exception
                                     the gentle av  enue’s supposition
                         impromptu  frivoloties
                                     avaunt  gribouillage
                            pedestrian, gossipaceous  haranguing & horseshit
                  as we aver  inapt
                                                     & Suzy Q  jumps to her own tomb
          a country lump  kin too
                                             alone, oh so  loquacious & on loan
                                 a non  man(wo)
              leave none abeam  no, no way
                           plimsoil  orations
                split the paultry peace, Yorick  parvenu extraordinaire
                       a Skandanavian taj  quicksanding wit
                   the animi  redux
            sorrowful & enough  strut & gait
                             the glitter of havocking  traffic, mafficking noise
 approaching commerce near Avenue F  ubiquitious subway rain
     bluffing, inept, the aquamarine  vandal & his guitar
                        bound & delivered  warily, at night
                                 cynical & Coptic  xenophobes alight
                in the brittle dumb  yellow dawn
                               this quoz, this ha  zel-eyed retreat …